Today’s world is characterized by the commanding presence of technology in all social fields, that is to say, in working, university and household fields. Technological development does not stop but moves forward requiring increasing training to appropriately understand and use the latest innovations in the computer field. Thus, constant training becomes essential.

It is maybe in companies where this need to broaden computer knowledge is more intensely noticed. Since computer applications are increasingly used in all kind of companies, nowadays employers seek personnel qualified not only in the various areas -economy, finances, engineering, law, among others- but also in computers. This means that employees need to have not only the expertise related to a specific knowledge area but also enough skills to effectively operate the latest computer tools. Taking into account that professionals have very little time, online computer courses are an excellent way to learn making the most of the time spent. This courses are structured according to difficulty levels and are, thus, useful for both people with advanced computer knowledge and people looking for an introductory training.

In the university field, knowing about the latest computer advancements is also essential, since computer tools are key means to develop any course of studies. Both students and teachers need to have a wide command of these tools, since, by using them, they will be able to optimize studying, research projects, testing methods, attendance sheets, learning follows-up and other activities related to the academic world. Again, the essential advantage of e-learning is that it saves time, basic feature for university students. Besides, many of the computer courses taught through the internet are focused on certain knowledge areas, such as architecture, design, economy, medicine, education, languages, among others.

Finally, computer development is applicable to the family field. On the one hand, home organization is complex and can be more effectively organized with the aid of a computer (budget, fixed and variable expenses, distribution of household chores). On the other hand, the computer plays an important role for children, who use it as knowledge and game source. For all these reasons, having computer knowledge is useful for anybody and in any of the different fields, whether it is at a basic, intermediate, advanced or specialized level. Online courses are the best option to learn computing, not only because of the timetable and place flexibility involved in e-learning, but also because learning through the computer implies in itself the direct contact with the tool in question.