At COMPUTER-COURSES-ONLINE.COM we offer all you need to know about the Basic computing courses. We provide information about two types of training: on the one hand, the short-term courses and, on the other hand, Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters on Computer Science. As regards short-term courses, we focus on those training on the Microsoft Office office automation, since we know that, nowadays, it is the software package with the greater worldwide popularity. As regards Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters on Computer Science, we describe their basic topics and how they work in general.

Short-term courses

There is a wide range of computing courses available on the net, specially focused on Microsoft Office package. The term “Office Automation” is used to qualify computer systems used in office administration and communication. The office automation suite Microsoft Office is the one prevailing worldwide and can be used both with Windows and Apple Macintosh operating system. Since it is widely used on the market and the documents of its programs have closed formats, having and using Microsoft Office is imperative.

It includes a series of programs or applications and a Web browser: a Word processor, Microsoft Word; a spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel; a database program, Microsoft Access; a presentation program, Microsoft PowerPoint; a journal and e-mail, Microsoft Outlook; a browser, Internet Explorer, among the main components. On the other hand, the operating system most used is Windows, therefore its comprehensive knowledge is basic for anybody wishing to acquire competence on computers.

Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters on Computer Science In COMPUTER-COURSES-ONLINE.COM we provide you with all the information you need to know about the operation and main contents of the Bachelor’s Degrees and online Masters on Computer Science. Therefore, we take into account the online computer courses of study currently taught at the best universities. Firstly, we have to distinguish between Bachelor’s Degrees and Masters. The former ones are university courses of study, representing the basis for higher education. In the USA, Bachelor’s Degrees are completed in 4 years. Masters, on the other hand, are more specialized courses of study carried out on a period between one and three years, after obtaining the Bachelor’s Degree. Nowadays there is a broad educational offer online that allows to make the most of time, ideal for adult students, already immersed in the working world. This type of training is offered both by traditional universities -adjusting to modern times- and universities exclusively devoted to distance learning.

As regards online computer courses of study, we can state that they have a great advantage: people can reach a high academic level with a greater timetable and space flexibility and personalized tutoring (the only experience required is as a computer user). Given the surprising technological advancement development in recent decades and the use of computer in multiple activities, it is more and more necessary to have sound education on computers. Big companies, as well as small and middle ones and all kind of industries, look for professionals qualified on computers, able to adjust to the rapid technological changes. In this context, constant training is vital to keep updated. Although experience on computer use is very valued on the working field, more technically complex jobs require also knowledge certification provided by a university degree -a Bachelor’s Degree, Master on Computer Science or on subjects of this field-.

Thus, training has become an access key to the best job positions available. Many Computer Science professionals have incorporated to different company teams, with well-paid jobs and excellent working conditions. In other cases, professionals from various areas have trained on Computer Science to complete their education and have access to new job positions. In this sense, courses of study on Computer Science teach not only how to develop hardware and software but also how to use the technological tools to troubleshoot issues, having critical thought, analytic and communicative skills.

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