You may wonder who the target students for these online computer courses are. The target students are multiple. There is a broad offer on the internet, so they are courses targeted at people with no previous knowledge of computers, others addressed to people with basic knowledge and others to people with an advanced level. These courses normally offer level tests or display content tables so that users can measure their expertise and choose in which education level they should enrol.

Besides, there are courses with different credit hours and different aims. There are short-term courses, whose aim is only to impart basic knowledge. Others are short-lasting because they deal with very specific topics (like, for instance a new version of an application). And there are also university course of studies on Computer Science, implying higher duration, fees and difficulty. According to your needs, you will be able to choose what type of online computer course you want to take. Of course, this choice has to be carefully and conscientiously made, since your satisfaction about the acquired knowledge depends on it.