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Microsoft Office

Nowadays, learning to have a good command of the Microsoft Office automation package is essential, since it is widely used on the market and has many advantages. This office automation suite is composed of a set of programs and a server allowing to have a lively management of information and an effective communication.

On the Web, there are courses offering global training on Office, whose purpose is that students acquire the necessary tools to have a good command of the different applications. In these courses, a summary of the contents belonging to each program and browser is taught: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This kind of training is targeted at people without previous computing knowledge. Once a training of this type is completed, the users will be able to:

Microsoft Office coursesWord

Office tutorialsconduct basic operations of this word processor

computer coursescreate text, edit and format them (fonts, paragraph, bullets, etc.)

courses onlineuse grammar and spelling checker

distance learningmanage documents

online computer coursescreate text based on templates

computer graphics coursescreate tables

computer technology coursesdraw up graphics

computer programming coursescreate Web pages from Word

distance learning computerinclude hyperlinks

a+ computer trainingprint documents

access computer trainingExcel

affordable computer courseshave a good command of the concepts of spreadsheet, tables, workbooks, cells, rows, columns and ranges

basic computer coursesbe familiar with and change the spreadsheet formats

computer training onlinemake basic operations to use the spreadsheets

computer training manualsedit content of cells, rows and columns (copy, cut, paste)

Microsoft Office coursesopen and save workbooks

Office tutorialsuse formulas and functions (mathematical, statistical, dating, searching, etc.)

computer coursespreview and print spreadsheets

courses onlinecreate graphics

distance learningmake backups

online computer coursesuse tools to draw up budgets and forecasts

computer graphics coursesAccess

computer technology courseshave a good command of the concept of database and the way it works

computer programming coursesdesign a database

distance learning computerorganize and use tables of a database

a+ computer trainingconduct basic operations to use a database

access computer trainingedit and format tables

affordable computer coursesbe familiar with the different types of data

basic computer coursesimport and export objects

computer training onlinemake basic and advanced queries

computer training manualscreate forms and subforms

Microsoft Office coursesmake reports

Office tutorialsprint reports

computer coursesuse data security features

courses onlinePowerPoint

distance learningcreate original and template presentations

online computer coursesuse slides

computer graphics coursesinsert text and images on the slides

computer technology coursesshow slides using different effects

computer programming coursesimport and export text from Word

distance learning computeredit text

a+ computer trainingdraw up graphics and insert them

access computer trainingcreate text and image animations

affordable computer coursesadd movies

basic computer coursesprint presentations

computer training onlineOutlook

computer training manualsbe familiar with basic Outlook operation

Microsoft Office coursesuse e-mail through Outlook

Office tutorialsopen e-mail accounts

computer courseswrite e-mails and format them

courses onlineread, send, forward, reply, mark and delete e-mails

distance learningattach files to an e-mail

online computer coursesorganize the inbox

computer graphics coursesfilter e-mails

computer technology coursesset contact list as address book

computer programming coursesuse the calendar (create, change and delete appointments)

distance learning computeruse Outlook journal

a+ computer trainingcreate, open, send and delete notes

access computer trainingschedule regular tasks

affordable computer coursesInternet Explorer

basic computer coursesbe familiar with this browser

computer training onlineconfigure basic connections

computer training manualsbrowse the web

Microsoft Office coursessearch information effectively through advanced search

Office tutorialsprint a Web page

computer coursesuse an Internet address (URL)

courses onlinedownload files from the web

distance learningreturn to a lost page

online computer coursesdelimit security regions and permits

computer graphics coursescarry out e-commerce operations

computer technology coursesprotect personal data

These are the main contents of the Microsoft Office software package. Online courses offering training on this package last more, due to the amount of contents included. The training average duration is from 5 to 6 months (between 60 and 70 hours, attending 3 hours per week). The educational material used includes enough exercises to allow the student to practise all contents. Usually, once each subject unit is completed, a small test is taken and once the whole course is completed, there is a final exam. On that exam, main operations with Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet Explorer are tested through practical activities. Besides, there are theoretical questions about main concepts. Passing the exam implies getting the certificate that proves the knowledge acquired on this office automation package.

Courses with tutoring are recommended, specially for the Office training, since the operation of different programs is complex. Tutors are in charge of answering all the questions the students may have on the office automation suite. There are also courses without tutoring, which are usually more affordable. The cost of the training with tutors is higher than in the previous cases, but only because it implies more credit hours and contents. There are also free Office course on the Web, although they are usually introductory.

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