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Microsoft Windows

Windows regular users are generally unaware of all the potential this operating system has and use the computer without really knowing the possibilities of managing information offered by it. The main purpose of online Windows courses is that students can use the basic functions of this popular operating system in a PC (Personal Computer) and also at a business level. When completing these courses, students will be able to:

Microsoft Windows coursesbe familiar with computer system components

Windows tutorialsbe familiar with hardware and peripherals

computer coursesrecognize different programs

courses onlinelog on and log out

distance learningbe familiar with desktop environment

online computer coursescustomize the desktop

computer graphics coursesrecognize the start menu

computer technology coursesrecognize the toolbar

computer programming coursesset up the screen

distance learning computerbe familiar with windows function and different operations

a+ computer traininghandle the different store options (hard disk, flexible disk, CD, zip)

access computer trainingdistinguish the different measure units

affordable computer coursesuse different applications (notepad, WordPad, Calculator, Paint)

basic computer courseshave a good command of the concept of archive

computer training onlineknow how much space an archive takes up

computer training manualsknow where to save an archive

Microsoft Windows coursesrestore archives

Windows tutorialsorganize folders, directories and files

computer coursesconduct basic operations: create, save, copy, delete, move and cut items (for instance an archive, folder or file)

courses onlinesearch archives and folders

distance learninguse the recycle bin

online computer coursesremove archives and folders permanently

computer graphics coursesmake backups

computer technology coursesuse the printer

computer programming coursesedit texts

distance learning computerplay multimedia

a+ computer traininginstall and uninstall programs

access computer traininginstall programs downloaded from the internet

This knowledge is valid for all Microsoft Windows versions- the most well-known ones are '98, 2000, 2002 XP and 2003. Having this expertise will allow users to make the most of the potentials offered by this operating system. In general, there are no requirements to take a Windows course, since it is a basic level training, aimed at people with little or no previous computer knowledge.

This kind of course usually lasts 12 hours, and it is designed for the student to devote approximately 3 hours per week to it. Institutions usually set up maximum credit hours to retain the regular student status. Windows courses have exercises where students must make the above mentioned operations, with the aid of models and electronic manuals offering the main theoretical contents. Exercises are designed using a practical and everyday sense, trying to make the student apply the new knowledge in everyday situations. In the case of tutoring training, teachers help to build active knowledge and try to clear up the doubts typical of learning, specially at beginner level.

The final test on Windows management -on passing it students will be granted the PC Operator certificate- usually consists of a theoretical section testing on main concepts (desktop components, definition of archive, folder and file, main operating system operations) and a practical section requiring the student to actually show each one of the operations learnt. Passing the whole test allows to be awarded the corresponding certification offered by each online study center.

As regards the cost of Windows courses, it is usually affordable because it offers basic knowledge and has few credit hours. Many Web sites offering free training on this operating system can also be found. Anyway, free training generally provides students with fewer contents and is usually an invitation to go on studying.

affordable computer courses

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online computer courses

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online computer courses

Microsoft Windows courses

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online computer courses

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