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Microsoft Outlook courses

Microsoft Outlook

Posmodern world is characterized by the speed of events and constant changes. Therefore, optimizing task allocation and time consumption is absolutely necessary in the different aspects of life. In this sense, Microsoft Outlook is a program included in the Microsoft office automation suite offering journal, e-mail management and all personal information. It can be used with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

The aim of Outlook online courses is providing the necessary knowledge to manage the journal, effectively organize e-mails and manage tasks and appointments. Once the training is completed, the aims achieved by the students are multiple. Students will be able to:

computer coursesIntroduction

courses onlinebe familiar with basic Outlook operation

distance learningrecognize the folder list

online computer coursesbe familiar with the information display

computer graphics coursescreate a new folder

computer technology coursesorganize folders

computer programming coursesuse personal folders

distance learning computermanage folder list

a+ computer trainingarchive old information

access computer trainingE-mail

affordable computer coursesuse e-mail through Outlook

basic computer coursesopen e-mail accounts

computer training onlinewrite e-mails and format them

computer training manualsrecognize fields: recipient, subject, carbon copy (Cc)

Microsoft Outlook coursesread, send, forward, reply, mark and delete e-mails

computer coursesinsert signatures in e-mails

courses onlineattach files to an e-mail

distance learningorganize inbox

online computer coursesdefine junk mail and adult content filters, so as to be protected against junk mail or spam

computer graphics coursesContacts

computer technology coursesset contact list as address book

computer programming coursesenter personal information for a contact

distance learning computerschedule a meeting

a+ computer trainingrespond to a meeting request

access computer trainingcreate mailing lists

affordable computer coursesCalendar

basic computer coursesuse the calendar (create, change and delete appointments)

computer training onlineJournal

computer training manualsactivate Outlook journal

Microsoft Outlook coursescreate entries in the journal

computer coursesschedule tasks in the journal

courses onlineprint journal entries

distance learningNotes

online computer coursescreate, open, send and delete notes

computer graphics coursesTasks

computer technology coursesschedule regular tasks

computer programming coursesjoin tasks

On acquiring the contents mentioned, Outlook users will be able to make the most of this program, in all its versions (’97, ’98, 2000, 2002 XP and 2003). A course on this program lasts approximately 12 hours, with an average of 3 hours per week. No previous knowledge on computing is required to take this kind of training. These courses are particularly targeted at people working with Outlook, who need to become fully familiar with all the options offered by this program.

Again, teaching methods are mainly based on doing specific practices with models related to the actual use of the computer. These exercises are reinforced by online manuals presenting basic concepts, essential to fully understand the program components. There are partial tests and a final exam; on passing the last one, the student is awarded the corresponding certificate. In the tests, exercises such as write and send an e-mail, organize contacts, use the calendar, etc are required. Besides, content questions are also included.

Although it is not a complex program, online courses with tutors are recommendable, since these teachers are specialized people who can clear up doubts about the different Outlook functions. However, training without tutors usually has lower fees. There is also free training available on the Web, although there are not as many courses as in the case of the main Microsoft Office programs and the training is not as comprehensive as in paid courses.

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online computer courses

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Microsoft Outlook courses

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